Advantages of Electric Chainsaw over Mechanical Chainsaw

Electric chainsaw is a modern work tool and is just starting to gain popularity as compared to gas chainsaws that are already popular. While most experts and connoisseurs say that engine driven chainsaws are the best, modern chainsaws driven by an electric motor are just as productive. You may consider looking into chainsaw sharpeners to supplement your chainsaw to ensure a great pull from the chain.


In fact, electric driven chainsaw are more feasible than the traditional gas models as the former has more advantages over the latter. So some basic understanding is discussed in this space which clearly pinpoints the difference between the two and their perks.

Clear differences between chainsaws

Basically, there are 2 types of chainsaws which are mechanical/gas chainsaw and an electric chainsaw. Gas chainsaw uses a 2 stroke internal combustion gasoline engine which usually has a cylinder volume of 30 to 120 cm3.

The other one is driven by a high power electric motor. With that being said, the electric motor doesn’t run on a battery and instead, users have to plug in an extension cord. However, there are some models as well which include batteries with high capacity.

Advantages of electric chainsaw

Electric operated chainsaw is best suited for homeowner users as it is designed to work best for light to mid duty tasks. Such tasks would include felling of small trees, trimming and pruning. But this also varies according to various models as they all come in different sizes and power ratings. Electric models with 14.5 amp power rating are one of the most favored.


Unlike bulky traditional gas chainsaws, electric models are way quieter. Gas models are so noisy to the extent that operators have to prepare themselves with industry grade hearing protection devices before starting the machine. This is not the case in electric driven chainsaws and one doesn’t have to use such hearing protection.

Weight and Portability

Another crucial advantage of electric chainsaw over engine driven models is that it is significantly less in weight. Chainsaws being light in weight has great perks as operators do not have to face frequent fatigue that might increase the risks of accident.

In terms of size, electric models are not as big as mechanical chainsaws. The compact design of electric driven chainsaws enhances mobility and can be used just about anywhere. Also to note, electric models offer the same durability and ruggedness as that of traditional ones.


As electric driven chainsaws have a compact body, it requires very less maintenance which is not the case for gas variants. Traditional models require proper care and heavy maintenance to ensure safety and increase running life. Contrary to this, body parts of electric chainsaw are optimized and therefore the machine has very little chances of malfunctioning.

Moreover, electric driven chainsaws are most recommend for starters having little or no experience about operating chainsaws. This is because electric models are safe to use as compared to gas models.


Last but not the least is the affordability of electric chainsaw. Most mechanical models have a complex engine system which adds up price. Fortunately, electric model does not incorporate such and is rather very simplistic. Therefore, electric powered chainsaws are more affordable than mechanical variants.

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